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Can's Gallery 21st Anniversay Exhibition

11 December 2022 - 10 January 2023
Can's Gallery | Jakarta, Indonesia

This exhibition will be presenting intergenerational artists who have worked together with Can's Gallery for a period of time, becoming part of the conversation and shifts of the gallery space itself in the midst of Indonesian contemporary art scene. Comparing the tendencies of their artworks at the beginning of their development as an artist with the artworks being presented today, we can see some changes in the aspects of visual and ideas. In their artworks, the changed self is depicted in the metaphor shift, some becomes more complex, some becomes simpler, or a space that brings together the identity of the past with the projection of the new self. Several chose to remain in the same space, seeing it as a safe zone that still offers the possibilities of different perspectives in each of their artworks.

There are various issues presented by the artists in the artworks that are part of Can’s Gallery birthday celebration.

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