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Arkiv Vilmansa is an Indonesian contemporary artist. He is known for his cartoon character inspired paintings, characterised by two-dimensional forms and bold outlines, with vivid and vibrant colours. Arkiv's work is visually influenced by pop culture and animation, in particular those that appear in his childhood memories. Formally trained as an architect, Arkiv's creative practice is informed by a high level of technicality, which has led to sculptural works and successful vinyl toy editions.

In 2017 Arkiv's creative practice led him to explore surface and texture in painting, which led to a body of work that was abstract and non-figurative. Today, his painting work adopts a combination of figuration and texture exploration. Arkiv's creative practice spans more than 20 years, in which he has collaborated with a number of international brands, including IKEA and Volkswagen, as well as his current collaboration with acclaimed Japanese clothing label A Bathing Ape.

(b.1979 in Bandung)

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