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Can's Gallery

CAN’S Gallery has a vision to actively take part in the growth of Indonesian fine art, mainly by promoting, mediating, and developing artists’ careers more broadly. With its extensive experience in fine arts, locally, regionally and internationally, CAN’S Gallery sought to expand Indonesian artists’ repertoire to be known worldwide.


CAN’S Gallery actively holds exhibitions to showcase the artistic experimentation and achievements that are of high quality, created by Indonesian artists and international creative communities. In addition, CAN’S Gallery is involved in facilitating artists in various art exchange or exhibitions in collaboration with other art institutions.


Several well-known artists, such as Entang Wiharso, Nyoman Masriadi, Srihadi Soedarsono, Sunaryo,Heri Dono, FX Harsono, Suraji, Sally Smart, Putu Sutawijaya, Eddie Hara who gained great international reputation have become long-term partners of CAN’S Gallery. Young artists, such as Oky Rey Montha, J.Ariadhitya Pramuhendra, Wisnu Auri, Octora, to name a few, have also become part of the new generation who flourished in the dynamic regional art market.


CAN’S Gallery is focussed on its efforts to support the network development of artists and at the same time, to nurture new talents in order to build a sustainable regeneration process.

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