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Putu Sutawijaya currently lives and works in Yogyakarta and Bali. “The human body is the medium of suffering, pain, laughter and fear.” is the way Putu describes the visual source of inspiration of his works. Various movements and manners of the human boy, a result of Putu’s own thoughts on things that provoke him, reflecting the music, dance, meditation or personal experience in his life. The body postures and gestures as reflected in Putu’s works are expressions and ways in which he likes to picture the feelings in his heart. He visually accomplishes this by primarily relying upon the drama and strength of spontaneous line. With high precision and skill he realistically captures the essence of movements of the human body and develops them into all kinds of situations in his works. The figures that he shows are deliberately deformed and become active participants in their own ways.

(b. 1971 in Angseri, Bali)

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