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Entang Wiharso graduated from the Indonesian Institute of the Arts (Yogyakarta), maintains studios in both Java and the U.S. His life and family are bicultural, biracial, and inheritors of diverse religious and spiritual legacies. When the Sky is Falling is part of his work stemming from a 2019 Guggenheim fellowship. Wiharso’s multi-disciplinary practice speaks with urgency through many media: painting, sculpture, video, installations, and performance. His dramatic visual language is instantly recognizable with its unique depictions of contemporary life, and its relation to the mythologies of a centuries-old Javanese and animist past and the high-speed, hyper- connected lifestyle of the 21st century, layered with social, political and sexual critique, revealing a complex picture of the human condition.

Entang has had more than 45 solo gallery and museum exhibitions. His work is held in over thirty international museums and private collections. He was in Prospect.3 (2014) and has represented Indonesia in the Kunming Art Biennale (2019); 55th Venice Biennale (2013); Prague Bi-ennale 6 (2013); 6th Nanjing Biennale (2010); Second Asian Art Biennale (2009); 51st Venice Biennale (2005); and the Second Beijing Biennale (2005).

(b. 1967 in Tegal, Central Java)

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