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Suraji, an artist hailing from Bantul, Yogyakarta, is known for his paintings that often depict animals and nature in the context of social issues faced by humans. In 2014, Suraji held his first solo exhibition at Galeri Canna, where he expressed his dissatisfaction with the rampant corruption in Indonesia through his art. In his paintings, lions, rats, wolves, and tigers are portrayed as symbols of various corrupt actors with all their greed. In 2008, his painting titled “Jakarta Berburu Tikus” (Jakarta Hunting Rats) won the Grand Prize in the Jakarta Art Awards 2008 National Painting Competition. His works are also often featured in prestigious auctions such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s.

Suraji has the ability to present fresh ideas while maintaining a consistent painting style, creating varied interpretations for his viewers. Through his art, he invites the audience to contemplate social issues like corruption, human greed, and the environment, using symbols such as trees, forests, and interactions between animals and humans. This is what makes Suraji regarded as an artist who critically engages with these humanitarian issues.

(b. 1971 in Yogyakarta)

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