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Muchlis Fachri, known as Muklay, is an Indonesian visual artist residing and working in Jakarta, Indonesia. Actively involved in popular culture and lifestyle, Muklay often uses pop culture signifiers in his art to channel personal reflections and inner truths, reflecting on his personal journey and experiences growing up in a constantly changing world. His playful works often elaborates on the vitality of modern youth culture and the anxieties associated with operating in its fast-paced environment. Using drawing, painting, woodcut, and digital illustration, Muklay has exhibited widely in and around Asia, including a recent solo exhibition, Distraction at YOD Editions, Tokyo in February 2023 and Overpolluted at Secret Fresh Gallery Manila in September 2023. Muklay frequently collaborates with global brands including Coach, New Era, New Balance, MG Automobiles and Uniqlo. In 2020, he was named Forbes Indonesia 30 under 30.

(b. 1993 in Jakarta)

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