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Migrating In Your Own Home
Exhibition by Erik Pauhrizi & Erika Ernawan

4 November - 25 November 2017
Can's Gallery | Jakarta, Indonesia

This exhibition showcases the works of Erika Ernawan and Erik Pauhrizi, a couple who are both contemporary artists known for exploring various mediums in their art. The text discusses how their artistic practices influence each other and how their individual experiences, particularly their time spent in Europe, inform their work. Erika tends to focus on the formal aspects of art, often applying a painterly quality to unconventional surfaces like mirrors or metal. Pauhrizi's work is more figurative and thematic, often dealing with post-colonial issues and the experiences of refugees.

The exhibition title, "Migrating in Your Own Home," reflects the sense of displacement that both artists have experienced and how they use their art to explore themes of identity, belonging, and the complexities of the world we live in. The exhibition brings together their individual artistic journeys, their experiences as a couple, and their perspectives on art and the world to create a dialogue that is both personal and political.

Curated by Heru Hikayat

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