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Banyumas, 15 Mei 1943




Bachelor of Fine Arts, Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) 1974 -1975

In depth study of marble sculpture, Carrara, Itali



1970 - 2008 Fine Arts Lecturer, ITB

1970 – 1971 Model Drawing Lecturer,  Institut Kesenian Jakarta (IKJ)

1976 – 1980 Appointed Head of the Sculpture Studio, ITB

1980 – 1982 Lecturer of Architecture Department, Technique Faculty, Parahyangan University, Bandung

1988 – 1992 Appointed Head of the Fine Arts Department, Fine Arts and Design Faculty (FADC), ITB

1999 – 1996 Appointed Head of the Sculpture Studio, FADC, ITB

2008             Retirement, FADC, ITB


Awards                        :

1978 Second prize winner of the “Graphic Competition”, held by IAA and Unesco, Paris

1979 First prize winner of the Monument Competition, Stovia Building, Jakarta

1982 Second prize winner of the Poster Competition “UNISPACE 82””, held by the Department of Education and Cultural, Jakarta

1983 Winner of the Monument Competition “Bandung Lautan Api”

1984 Winner of the Sculpture Competition “Dasasila Bandung”

1985 First prize winner of the Monument Competition “Perjuangan Rakyat Jawa Barat”, in cooperation with PT. Arsiplan Bandung

1985 First prize winner of the Monument Competition “Yogya Kembali”

1985 First prize winner of the Monument Competition “PT. Inti Bandung”

1985 Winner of the International Competition and E Category Textile Exhibition “Creative Textile”, World Craft Council Conference,     together with Biranul Anas, Jakarta

1994 First prize winner of the National Competition “Menara Telkom” on behalf of PT. Paramaloka Consultant, Jakarta

1994 Winner of the Painting Competition “The Philip Morris Group of Companies Indonesian Art Awards 1994”, held by Indonesia Fine Arts Foundation


Selected as the 5 best paintings in the Philip Morris Group of Companies Indonesian Art Award 1994 painting competition


1995 Selected as the “Honourable Mention” the Philip Morris Group of Companies Asean Art Awards 1995 painting competition

1996 Selected as the 5 best paintings in the Philip Morris Group of Companies Indonesian Art Award 1996 painting competition

1998 Honorable mention from Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Culture in enhancing Indonesian painting creativity

1999 Winner of the Kehati Award Competition, held by Kehati Foundation, Jakarta

2001 Nominated in 2001 Ancol Landmark Competition

2005 Recipient of the Culture Heritage 18th Anniversary Award, Bandung


Selected Commissioned Works:

1982 : Aesthetic element of Soekarno cemetery, Blitar

1983 : Gatot Subroto monument, Purwokerto

1984 : Copper carving, Dewan Pertimbangan Agung (Government Justice Department), Jakarta

1984 : “Gunungan” (wayang ornament) , Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Jakarta

1984 : Bandung Lautan Api Monument, Bandung

1987 : 19 September 1945 monument, Ikada - Ikatan Atletik Djakarta (Jakarta Athletic Association), Jakarta

1987 : Metal carve, Bank of Tokyo, Jakarta

1992 : Stained glass dome, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jakarta

1995 : Aesthetic element of Perjuangan Rakyat Jawa Barat (Battle of West Java Nation) monument, Jl. Dipatiukur, Bandung

1996 : Sculpture and mural, Batavia Tower, Jl. Kh. Mansyur, Jakarta

2003 : Jendral Sudirman Monument, Jl. Jend. Sudirman, Jakarta

2005 : Bronze carving of Perjalanan Soekarno (Soekarno’s Journey), Soekarno Cemetery Area, Blitar

2007 : Soekarno Hatta monument, Soekarno Hatta International Airport entrance gate, Jakarta

2009 : Contrive-conceptualize-actualization of Bank Indonesia Museum, Jakarta


Solo Exhibitions :

1975 :  Paintings Exhibition, Carrara, Italia

 1977:  Exhibition of “Seni Grafis”, Chase Manhattan Bank, Jakarta

1998 :  Exhibition of “Titik Nadir”, Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, Bandung

1999 :  Exhibition of “Batu Melangkah Waktu”, Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, Bandung

2000 :  Exhibition of “Puisi Titik Putih”, Decorous, Jakarta Design Center, Jakarta

2001 :  Exhibition of “A Stage of Metamorphosis”, Circle Point Art Space, Washington D.C., USA

2001 :  Multimedia Installation Exhibition of “Titik Gamang”, Rumah Seni R-66, Bandung

2008 :  Exhibition of “Poetry of Inner Dreams (works on paper)”, Singapore Tyler Print Institute, Singapore

2009 :  Exhibition of “Puisi Lubuk Mimpi”, Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, Bandung

2010 :  Installation Exhibition of “Titik Bumiku” in Design.ID 2010 exhibition, held by HDII – Jakarta, Jakarta Convention Centre, Jakarta


Group Exhibitions :


“Ragam Seni Lukis Indonesia”, One Gallery, Jakarta


Paintings Exhibition and Meet and Greet Indonesian Arts, Wisma A. Yani Semen Gresik, Gresik, Indonesia


“Stage of Metamorphosis”, Circle Point Art Space, Washington D.C, USA


“The 15th Asian International Arts Exhibition”, Tainan County Cultural Affairs Bureau, Taiwan, R.O.C.


“Kecil itu Indah 8”, Edwin’s Gallery, Jakarta



Sculptures and Paintings Exhibition, held by PT. Makindo, Tbk. and Edwin’s Gallery, Ballroom Hotel Mulia, Jakarta



“Cakrawala Asali #001”, the opening of Galeri Kita, Bandung


“Anniversary Exhibition”, Canna Gallery, Jakarta


“Pameran Akbar 40  Tahun Galeri Hadiprana”, Galeri Hadiprana, Jakarta


“Sewindu Yayasan Seni Rupa Indonesia”, Edwin’s Gallery, Jakarta


“The 17th Asian International Arts Exhibition”, Daejon Municipal Museum of Art, Korea Selatan


“Save The Future of our Children Through Art”, held by Galeri Hidayat dan Rotary Club South Bandung in order to raise funds for the Suryakanti Foundation



“In Between: Perupa dalam Rotasi Media”, Andi’s Gallery, Jakarta


“2nd Anniversary Exhibition”, Canna Gallery, Jakarta


”All You Need is Love”, Nadi Gallery, Jakarta


Arts Exhibition of Borobudur International Festival, Museum Widayat, Magelang


“Kolase Agitatif Borobudur Kontemporer”, Langgeng Gallery, Magelang 2”, Edwin’s Gallery, Jakarta


“Interpellation, CP Open Biennale 2003”, held by CP Foundation dan National Gallery, the National Gallery, Jakarta


“The 18th Asian International Art Exhibition” Heritage Museum, Sha Tin, Hongkong


Sculptures Exhibition “In Search of Peace – Indonesia Contemporary Sculptors”, held by the Association of Indonesian Sculptor, World Trade Centre, Jakarta


Sculpture Exhibition “Mc(row) Media”, Studio Budaya, Magelang


Sculpture Exhibition “Mc(row) Media”, Langgeng Gallery, Magelang



“Sastra Rupa – Sayap Kata Sayap Warna”, Langgeng Gallery, Magelang


Arts Exhibition “The Soul of Arts”, the 8th anniversary of Plaza Senayan, Plaza Senayan, Jakarta


Paintings Exhibition of Rotary Cetennial, held by Rotary Club Mataram Yogyakarta, Gedung Graha Niaga, Jakarta


“Membaca Kembali Konvensi”, Edwin’s Gallery, Jakarta


“Person into Person”, opening of Gracia Art Gallery, Surabaya



“Exodus Barang”, in celebration of new showroom, Nadi Gallery, Jakarta


“21st and Beyond”, the 21st anniversary of Edwin’s Gallery ke-21, Edwin Gallery, Jakarta


Arts Exhibition “Angkatan 60”, Galeri Cipta II, Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta


“The Art Exhibition A Decade of the Museum Rudana”, Museum Rudana, Bali


“Galeri Orasis Grand Opening Exhibition”, Orasis Gallery, Surabaya


Paintings Exhibition “Fundraising Biennale Jakarta XII”, Edwin’s Gallery, Jakarta


“Indonesian Painting & Sculpture Exhibition and Auction 2005”, fundraising Rotary International District 3400, held by Rotary Arts Exhibition, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Jakarta


“The  20th Asian International Art Exhibition”, Ayala Museum, Manila, Filipina


“Summit Event Bali Biennale Exhibition 2005”, Arma Museum of Art, Ubud, Bali



“The 21th Asian International Art Exhibition”, Singapore Art Museum,  Singapore


Arts Group Exhibition “Masa Lalu Masa Lupa”, Rumah Seni Cemeti, Yogyakarta


Group Exhibition of the Opening of Semar Art Gallery, Semar Art Gallery, Malang



“Relation (Tanah Air: Seni Patung dan Lingkungan)”, held by Edwin’s Gallery, Pakuwon, Surabaya


“September Art Event 2007”, held by Edwin’s Gallery, Gandaria Height, Jakarta


Visual Arts Exhibition “Post-Kaligrafi: Kalam dan Peradaban”, Jogja Gallery, Yogyakarta


“The 22th Asian International Art Exhibition”, Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, Bandung



Indonesia Art Exhibition “Manifesto”, held by Andi’s Gallery, National Gallery, Jakarta



“Indonesia Contemporary Drawing”, held by Andi’s Gallery, National Gallery, Jakarta


“The Living Legends”, the 25th anniversary of Edwin’s Gallery, held by Edwin’s Gallery, National Gallery, Jakarta


Drawing Exhibition “Middlebare Akte”, Gallery Soemardja, Bandung Technology Institute, Bandung



“No Direction Home”, held by Edwin’s Gallery, National Gallery, Jakarta


“Crossing and Blurring The Boundaries : Medium in Indonesian Contemporary Art”, held by Andi’s Gallery, National Gallery, Jakarta


Group Exhibition, Tribut to S.Sudjojono "Sang Ahli Gambar dan Kawan-kawan",    Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, Bandung



EXHIBITION :1001 DOORS RE-ENTERPRETING TRADITIONS”, Ciputra World Marketing Gallery, Jakarta


Inauguration Exhibition ”Flight for light: Indonesian Art and Religiosity”, Mondecor Gallery, Jakarta


Group Exhibitions “9 Lives +”, the 10th anniversary of Canna Gallery, Canna Gallery, Jakarta

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