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Kolabrprasi - Montage - 240 x 360      cm -( 18 panels ) 2017 - mix media in perfex sheet
Kolaborasi Erik-Erika -      Intercommunictions-02 - 101 x 147 cm - 2017 - Acrylic on metal       pe
Kolaborasi Erik _ Erika -      Intercommunications _ 01 - 101 x 147 cm - 2017 - Acrylic on metal   p
Erika Ernawan - Shifting Gesture -      Acrylic on stainless steel perspex - diameter  20 cm ( 3 pan
Erika Ernawan - Room nr.2 ( Ican      -Zico, Alin Fajar ) - 53 x 80 cm ( 4 panels ) 2017 - Acrylic d
Erika Ernawan - Room nr.01 - 80 x      120cm - 2017 - Digital Print on perspex
Erika Ernawan - 1 Panel of Gesture      - Digital Print on Perspex - LED - 60 x 90 cm - 2017
Erika Ernawan - 4 panels of gesture      - Digital Print on Perspex- LED - 50 x 75 cm - 2017
Erika Ernawan - 7 panels of gesture      - Digital Print on perspex- LED - 40 x 60 cm - 2017
Erika Ernawan - Paint as a Medium -      Acrylic on perspex  - 120 x 180 cm - 2017

Erika Ernawan

born. 1986



2012              Auditory Architecture, Berlin University of Art

2008- 2010    Faculty of Fine Art and Design, ITB,  Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, M.F.A. , Fine Art

2009              Extension Course Culture and Philosophy, Parahyangan University of Catholic, Bandung, West Java

2003- 2007     Faculty of Fine Art and Design, ITB,  Bandung, West Java, Indonesia,B.F.A , Fine Art, Majoring in Painting




2011     Residency and Studio Project in Berlin, Germany

2011     2nd Winner Bandung Contemporary Art Awards, Lawangwangi Art  & Science Estate, Bandung, Indonesia for an   Artwok with title : ‘Mirror Sees Me’ Series

2008     Magister Program FSRD ITB Scholarship



2011     “Der Spiegel: Her Space (subvert) His Gaze”, Viviyip Art Room, Jakarta


2012     “Ruhe in Frieden”, Lawangwangi Art & Science Estate, Bandung,      Indonesia




2017    Beyond Boundaries- Globalisierung and Identity, Liectenstein Landes Museum, Vanduz, Germany

            Mashup Syndicate, Gudang Sarinah Ekosistem, Jakarta

            Perjalanan Senyap, Orbital Dago, Bandung

            Re-emergence, Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, Bandung


2016    Art for Education, Artdept, Jakarta

            Singapore Contemporary, Artsphere, Singapore

            Waiting for it to Happen, Nadi Galleri, Platform3, Jakarta

            The Artists’s Storage, Duet with Erik Pauhrizi, Platform3, Bandung

            Pameran Bersama Perupa/ Pengajar Bandung, Bandung

            Artstage, D-Galleri, Jakarta

            Bazzar Art, Jakarta


2015    The Contemporary Alternative, Artsphere, Jakarta

            No Other Color, Kunstkring, Jakarta

            Shout! 2015, The Meat Market Stable, MAV, Melbourne, Australia


2014    Symbol; Spirit; Culture, Edwin’s Gallery, Jakarta

            Shout! Indonesian Contemporary Art, Museo D’Arte Contemporanea, Roma, Italy


2013    Indonesian Pavilion, Artstage Singapore

            Undisclosed Territory #7, Solo, Indonesia

            ARTJOG13, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Indonesia

            Homoludens #4, Bentara Budaya Bali, Indonesia

            100th S.Sudjojono, Tonyraka Art Gallery, Bali, Indonesia

            SEA+ Triennalle, National Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia


2012    40x40, Dia.Lo.Gue Artspace, Jakarta, Indonesia

            Book Launching "Indonesian Art World" And A Group Exhibition "RE. Claim", Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Jakarta

            Mother Earth, Green Art Space, Jakarta, Indonesia

            Flow, Michael Janssen Galerie, Berlin, Germany

            Kulturbeilage, Berlin, Germany

            Indonesian Contemporary Fiber Art#1 : Mapping, Art:1, Jakarta, Indonesia


2011    Bandung Contemporary Art Awards (BaCAA), Lawangwangi Art & Science Estate, Bandung, Indonesia

            Fluid Identity CG Art Space, Jakarta

            A Room Of Her Own Dimensi Art Gallery, Surabaya, Indonesia

            DYSFASHIONAl  Jakarta #6,  Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Jakarta

            Homo Ludens #2, Emmitan Gallery, Surabaya, Indonesia

            Flight for Light : Indonesian Art and Religiosity, ART-1, Jakarta, Indonesia

            Biennale JOGJA XI: The Equator #1, Yogyakarta, Indonesia


2010     “Veduta”, BANDUNG  INITIATIVE #5, Vanessa Art Link , Jakarta, Indonesia

            Current(s), Soemardja Gallery, Bandung, Indonesia

            On Desire, Duet with Erik Pauhrizi, Darga Gallery, Sanur Bali, Indonesia

            Tribute to Sudjojono, Rumah Proses, Bandung, Indonesia

            Leisure on Mine, Play Dead #2, Padi Art Ground, Bandung, Indonesia



2009     My Body, Andi‟s Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia

            Fairies, Vivi Yip Art Room, Jakarta, Indonesia






Mashup Syndicate, Collaboration with 9 Artists & 8 Curator from Indonesia , Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, with       Japan  Foundation & Asia Center, Gudang Sarinah Ekosistem, Jakarta



Video Sonic #2, Intermedia Studio of FSRD ITB & HBK BraunschweigGermany



Studio Project in Berlin

Workshop Photography in Berlin

Accent Aigu, UdK Berlin





Buntes Berlin

Buntes Berlin; Juni-Juli, 2012

Buntes Berlin; Juli-Agustus, 2012

Catalogue for Erika Ernawan “Ruhe in Frieden”, published by Artsociates, Bandung, Indonesia : March, 2012

Catalogue for Erika Ernawan “Der Spiegel ; Her Scape (Subvert) His

Gaze”, published by Viviyip Art Room, Jakarta, Indonesia : April, 2011

C-Arts Magazine : Asian Contemporary Art and Culture : June, 2011

Der Tagesspiegel ; Der Geist des Körpers ; 07.07.2012

Dewi Magazine : June, 2011

N. Paradoxa , International Feminist Art Journal ; Volume 29, 2012

Tempo Magazine : April 18, 2011

Thebuzz ( , Volume 2 Number 8 : May 2011

The Jakarta Globe : April 15, 2011

The Jakarta Post : March 14, 2012

The Jakarta Post : April 23, 2011

The Jakarta Post : March 9, 2012

Visual Arts Magazine, 2011





Biennale JOGJA XI: “The Equator #1”, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 2011.

“Fluid Identity”, CGartspace, Essay by. Asmudjo . Irianto, 2011.

“Flight for Light: Indonesian art and religiosity”, ART-1, Jakarta, October, 2011.

“On Desire”, Darga Gellery, Published by Vivi Yip Art Room, 2010.

“Homoludens #2”, Emitan Gallery, 2011.

“Current(s)”, Soemardja Gallery, Bandung, Indonesia, 2010.

2015-2016  Meisterschüler, Hochschule für Bildende künste braunschweig, Germany. (Meisterschüler Prize and Scholarship)

2014           Artist in Residence - freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL/ MuseumsQuartier, Vienna Austria.

                   Extension Course of Philosophy, Parahyangan University of Catholic, Bandung, Indonesia.

2010           International Residency, New Museum & Westbeth Artists Community, New York, USA (Asian Cultural Council).

2009-2012  Diplom Freie Kunst, Hochschule für Bildende künste braunschweig, Germany.

2001-2005  Bachelor, Fine Art and Design Faculty, Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia. (Cum Laude).

1999-2001  Technical Faculty, Indonesian University of Education (Majoring in Mechanical Engineering).





2016          Meisterschüler 2016 Prize & Scholarship, Stiftung Braunschweigischer Kulturbesitz (SBK).

2014          freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL/ MuseumsQuartier, Vienna Austria.

2010          International Residency, New Museum of Contemporary Art & Westbeth Artists Community, New York, USA (Asian    Cultural Council).

2006          National Art Council Singapore (Bandung – Singapore Displacement Project).

2005 & 2007   Asia - Europe Foundation (The Third Asia-Europe Art Camp & Dislocate – Reconnect Project, Tokyo, Japan)

2002 – 2005    Bandung Institute of Technology Competent Academic and Indonesian Bank Scholarships.




2011   The Poison of Our Sins, CATM Chelsea, New York, USA.

2010   Westbeth Artists Community, New York, USA.

           Indistict Names, Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery, Semarang, Indonesia.

           Fictitious Biography, Richard Koh Fine Art, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

2009   Face Phantasmagoria, Vivi Yip Art Room, Jakarta, Indonesia.

2008  The Pleasure of The Text, Mes56 and LIP, Yogyakarta, and Rumah Seni Yaitu, Semarang, Indonesia.




2017  300. Stuttgarter Winter Film Festival, Germany.

         Re-emergence, Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, Indonesia


2016  30th Braunschweig International Film Festival, Germany.

          Parallel Events of Rauma Biennale Baltic Laboratory and Vulnerability Exhibition, Rauma Art Museum, Finland.

          Saigon International Film School (SIFS), Vietnam.

          Kecil Itu Indah, Edwin Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia.

          HBK Rundgang 2016, Braunschweig

          HBK Meisterschüler 2016, RaumLabor, Braunschweig

          The Artist’s Storage, Platform 3 Art Space, Bandung


2015  No Other Color, Tugu Kunstkring Paleis, Jakarta, Indonesia.

          The Contemporary Alternative, Artotel Jakarta      


2014  Symbol, Spirit, Culture, Edwin’s Gallery

          PCFS Post-Colonial Flagship Store, freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL/ MuseumsQuartier Vienna, Austria.

          New Expositions of Contemporary Art, Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum Mumbai, India.

          Casa Asia Loop Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain.

          Artjog 2014, Legacies of Power, TBY – Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


2013  The First South East Asia Triennale, National Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia.

          Leave me a place underground, Finale Art File, Manila, Philippines.

          Artstage, Indonesian Pavalion, Singapore.

          2nd. Student Festival for Media Art and Performance, Freie Kunstakademie Baden-Württemberg.


2012  Last of Summer, Kino – Zukunft, Berlin, Germany.

          Rundgang 2012 an der HBK, Braunschweig, Germany.

          26th Braunschweig International Film Festival, Germany.

          PANORAMA: Recent Art from Contemporary Asia, Singapore Art Museum.

          FLOW, Michael Janssen Gallerie, Berlin, Germany.

          Kurzfilmfestivals "Filmsalat 10", Verden, Germany.

          Re.claim, National Gallerie, Jakarta, Indonesia.

          FKX 1. Student Festival for Media Art and Performance, Freie Kunstakademie Baden-Württemberg.

          Artstage Singapore, Richard Koh Fine Art, Singapore.


2011  Chongqing Youth Art Bienalle, China.

          KLEX (Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film & Video Festival), Malaysia.

          Beastly of Indonesian Contemporary Art 2011, Cemeti Art House.

          Menasart 2011 , Beirut, Lebanon.

          KIAF 2011, Seoul, South Korea.

          Works from Southeast Asia, Richard Koh Fine Art, Singapore.


2010  Made in Indonesia, Gallerie Christian HOSP, Berlin, Germany.

          Art Lives 2010, Chair and The Maiden, New York, USA.

          Contemporaneity, Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai, China.

          A reflection upon the development of Indonesian Contemporary Art Lawang Wangi Art, Bandung.


2008  Premiere Vue, Passage De Retz, Paris, France.


2007  Realities Remix, Nu Substance – New Media Art Festival, Common Room.

          Dislocate – Reconnect, Ginza Art Laboratory, Tokyo, Japan.


2006  Episode5: Performance, Sound & Video, Your Mother Gallery, Singapore.

          Gang Festival, Sydney, Australia.

          BIT MAP Photography exhibition, Loop Gallery, Seoul, South Korea.

          Bandung - Singapore Displacement, Room No1, IF Venue, Common Room, Sculpture Square, Spell #7, Front Room,        Bandung ID and Singapore.


2005  Urban Cartography, CP Biennale 2005, Jakarta, ID.

          Trampoline, Radiator Festival, Broadway Cinema, Nottingham, United Kingdom.

          Cultural Futures 'Space, Ground and Practise' Tamaki Makaurau Auckland, New Zealand.

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