Oky Rey Montha as known as Kyre was born on January 3, 1986 in Yogyakarta, but grew up in mountainous areas Karo District, North Sumatra. Since childhood Kyre familiar with the world of his imagination which was applied notably on drawing paper. Born with artistic talent inherited from his father not be the main reason his career as an artist. Kyre became active in the art world since 2006. Various painting competition had attended and generated a lot of awards. Not only there, Kyre also actively follow events in either group exhibition of fine art, group, and art fairs ranging from national to international level.
As an active artist, counted seven times Kyre held solo exhibitions in Indonesia, Singapore and Italy.
Imagination derived from social status and the environment into the idea of ​​the concept of each of his works. Any issues regarding personal relationships, family, friendship become as his research material for something universal.
When asked what was interesting to talk about, these artists are more interested in talking about the psychoanalyst, psychiatric and humanist. As a free person he always saw problems widely with different viewpoints so that gave birth to interesting solutions of trips that had he went through. Kyre works always contain symbols that are familiar with social development that sometimes he compiled with full color shades, but not infrequently also packed in minimalist colors depending on the mood of the creator. Kyre reason is simple, the way to enter and engage in every age development according to create art to be 'live'. Citing a sentence that he made some time ago, that art is not about "how", but "why" art was created. (VDP)

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