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Ryhtm of Chaos
Solo Exhibition by Oky Rey Montha

24 February - 24 March 2018
Can's Gallery | Jakarta, Indonesia

In February 2018, Oky Rey Montha held his third solo exhibition at Can's Gallery Jakarta. This exhibition showcased Oky's latest artwork series, which he had been diligently creating despite his busy schedule over the past year. It was also his eighth solo exhibition overall, highlighting his prolific artistic output at a young age.

The title of the exhibition, "Rhythm of Chaos," reflected Oky's perception of the contemporary world, filled with conflict and disorder. Drawing inspiration from popular culture, science fiction, and even occult practices, Oky Rey Montha channeled his unease and observations of this chaotic world into his paintings.

The exhibition also featured three-dimensional artworks based on characters. Earlier in his career, Oky Rey consistently incorporated specific characters into his work, almost as if they were his artistic signature. This exhibition, however, showcased a shift towards greater variety in the characters he depicted, which were then translated into three-dimensional forms.

By presenting the works of a young artist like Oky Rey Montha, this exhibition offered a glimpse into how the younger generation of artists were responding to the complexities of the contemporary world.

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