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Flash, Pow, Bham!
Solo Exhibition by Naufal Abshar

26 November - 18 December 2022
SPAC8 Ashta District 8 | Jakarta, Indonesia

Through Flash, Pow, Bham!, a solo exhibition of Naufal Abshar, he presents a variety of sensations, perceptions, and the human persona through a reflection on the world of entertainment and everyday life. How the relationship between the world of entertainment and everyday life is interpreted as something that is both interactive and full of surprises.

From an artistic standpoint, Flash, Pow, Bham! is Naufal's effort to widen his artistic exploration by presenting more than 30 artworks in various formats. In line with his efforts to observe human behavior that is immersed in various forms of entertainment and daily activities.

A celebration of the roar and excitement of the screen culture era. FLASH, POW, BHAM!


Naufal Abshar ⇱

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