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Suvi Wahyudianto is an emerging artist, graduated from Fine Arts Education at Surabaya State University (UNESA). He is now active in Yogyakarta and Madura. His works focus on efforts to unravel the identity and culture of Madura. In processing his ideas, Suvi examines the problems of daily life, memory, and historical studies that function as the background of events. His ideas are channeled through various techniques and media, but he often tries to make work that is contemplative and poetic. In 2018, Suvi created a work titled “Angst” which presented his perspective on the history of ethnic conflicts that occurred in Sampit and Sambas (Sempadung). This work earned him the UOB Painting of the Year Award 2018 in Indonesia and Southeast Asian. Suvi also actively participated in various group exhibitions, biennales, and residencies.

(b. 1992 in Bangkalan, Madura)

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