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Mangu Putra finished his education in Visual Communication Design in the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design at Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta (Indonesia Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta) in 1990. Mangu Putra’s works arise from intense contact with the world as a conscious expression of his main creative orientation. Representations of natural phenomena, along with the inner pulse of life, form the main stream of his search. The natural world, such as mountains and coasts, are depicted as identifiable objects. Some of his works with abstract designs imply natural images, such as the character of water and the texture and colours of earth or stone. Nevertheless, there is a certain progressive critical vision in Mangu Putra’s way of viewing and interpreting the world. His works are not mirrors of direct observations with the naked eye. Natural objects are shown as if through sophisticated technological imagery, so that they appear artificial, attractive, provocative, and even fantastic. His artistic world is not a natural one but instead is ‘polluted’ by civilization.

(b. 1963 in Selat Sangeh, Bali)

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