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Erika Ernawan has been producing works since 2009. She is an artist who often uses her physical state (body) as the object of her works. She engages with paint, photography, performance, installation and other media as elements of the works. Her performance approach pushes against the edge of morally-established meaning or understanding in society. She questions values, social systems and the process of making art by showing possibilities on perspective and how “gaze” plays an important role in it.

In 2007 she received a Bachelor degree in Painting, and in 2010 a Master of Art degree at the Faculty of Fine Art and Design at Institute of Technology in Bandung. In 2011, she was awarded second place winner in the Bandung Contemporary Art Awards, for the artwork “Mirror Sees Me” series. She has participated in a number of art exhibitions in the cities of Indonesian, also exhibited her works abroad such as in Singapore, Berlin, Lichtenstein, Rome, and Melbourne and has had four solo exhibitions. She lives and works in Bandung, Indonesia.

(b. 1986 in Bandung)

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