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Entang Wiharso, Double Horizon, 2022, Acrylic, glitter, polyurethane, lights on canvas, 30

Can's Project

After decades of serving clients with fresh and master arts, we understands the demands for art are dynamically changing. As the time goes by, art became more powerful in any sectors. Whether it is consumed by a person or a business, we strive to offer artworks not just for a general purpose, we curate artworks that are personally suits your needs.

Art Consulting

We provide consultancy services for you to acquire artworks from our collections that are suitable for your home, ofce, lounge, and any kind of interior.

Art Event Management

With 20 years experiences of running an art gallery, held more than hundred of art exhibition we believe that an art exhibition need a special hand to make a successful event, reach the right audiences, crowd, and have great media exposure

Available Artwork

Offers artworks from diverse genres of paintings, sculptures, media art, and others, with a reasonable range of prices

Commission Artwork

A unique experience that allows you to choose artist to create a personal piece from our selected artist. Commission artwork can be a painting, sculpture, mural, and others.

Artwork Rent

Rent artworks that matches your personal preferences, for private rooms, office, or projects.

Space Rent

An ideal space in the middle of Central Jakarta for various functions of your needs, such as photoshoot, video shoot, meeting, workshop sourrounding with beautiful art piece display

Arkiv Vilmansa 81 x 22 cm copy.jpeg
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