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Rhytm of Chaos

solo exhibition of Oky Rey Montha

Oky Rey Montha held his third solo exhibition with Can's Gallery Jakarta this February 2018. In this opportunity, Oky Rey exhibits the latest artwork series he had been working on intensively despite his various activities within the last year. This exhibition is also Oky Rey's eighth solo exhibition, which demonstrates Oky's productivities at a fairly young age.


"Rhythm of Chaos", the title of Oky Rey's exhibition this time, seems to be a reflection of the current world situation that is filled with conflicts and chaos.With his interests in popular culture, science fiction, and partially on occult practices, Oky Rey Montha processes his restlessness and observation on the chaotic world into his paintings.


In this exhibition Oky Rey also presents three-dimensional artworks based on characters. For a while in his early artistry years, Oky Rey had obediently present several characters that are always there, it was as if these characters are the identity of his art. Recently, Oky Rey seems to be more variative in terms of the presented characters, which are then transferred to different medium as three-dimensional shapes. 


We hope this exhibition can provide patrons of Can's Gallery with further updates on Oky Rey Montha's development of ideas and concepts. Also, this exhibition shows a horizon of perspective for the younger generation of artists, to see how these young artists respond to the situation of the world we currently live in


Oky Rey Montha


Can's Gallery


24 February 2018

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