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Flash, Pow, Bham!

A journey to explore and interact with Naufal Abshar’s recent artworks as well as his understanding toward the relationship between human and the world of
entertainment. As sound-related words, Flash, Pow, Bham! appointed as the title for his solo exhibition, Naufal presents his ideas and artistic exploration related to human efforts to understand themselves individually and as part of a society by seeking and choosing their own entertainment. Flash, the glamor of the entertainment industry that is so swift, fast, and instantaneous in a pile of choices on the screen. Pow, related to the repeated ‘blows’ and ‘punches’ of information in the Internet age that quickly come and gone. And then Bham!, the inception of anxiety due to human helplessness in responding to their own existence in the middle of a connected interactive world.


Flash, Pow, Bham! is Naufal Abshar’s latest statement on the capacity of entertainment which requires us to rethink the meaning of taste, choices and interactivity.


"Flash, Pow, Bham!" Solo exhibition by Naufal Abshar

Curated by Bob Edrian


SPAC8, Ashta District


November 26 - December 18 2023

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