Art Moments 2021

Perjalanan Semadi Srihadi Soedarsono.

Curated by Rizki Zaelani, this exhibition has the theme of “Sign/Symbol” Which explores the limit and limitlessness of the perceptual and the experiencing of meaning through selected artworks from Artists of Art Moments Jakarta Online participating galleries. Also present in this private preview are artworks from Jeff Koons, Chang Jui-Pin, Julio Le Parc, Yim Yen Sum, Oky Rey Montha, Sasya tranggono, Adi Gunawan amongst others.


Landscape and the nature has long been a part of art and aesthetic development within the global contemporary visual art. From ideas that seemed romantic in the beginining the shift from European romanticism into a more critical ideas, the artists attempted to expand a new imagination on the landscape of the universe. This exhibition is a way to share stories of various experiences of the artists in relation to the nature and landscape.

Man X Universe

Perjalanan Semadi Srihadi Soedarsono.

Melukis bagi sebagian seniman tak ubahnya bersemadi, termasuk bagi maestro Srihadi Soedarsono (89). Di masa pandemi Covid-19 ini, Srihadi menemukan momentum penting perjalanan bersemadi dengan membiarkan pikirannya tetap bekerja meski raga terjaga diam di rumah. (Nawa Tunggal - Kompas 14 Februari 2021)

Solo Exhibition by Rega Ayundya Putri

Rega Ayundya Putri menyelesaikan pendidikan seni rupanya di Jurusan Seni Patung, Fakultas Seni Rupa dan Desain, Institut Teknologi Bandung (FSRD-ITB) pada 2006-2012, lalu berlanjut pada 2014-2016


This exhibition attempts to read the tendencies of new media within a specific boundary: paradigm of market and art commodification. This boundary is deemed as sufficient to have an urgency of considering a significant market position in supporting the activities of national contemporary art activities, and the paradigm of material concreteness that it still upholds as important.


Pameran tunggal kesembilan oleh Kyre kali ini tak sekadar berlandasan masalah, namun juga parodi atas perilaku kita dalam upaya “membunuh waktu” kala pandemi, efek psikis (mental), bagaimana media sosial menanggapi problem kejadian hari ini (situasi pandemik), serta solusi.

Note from the Darkness

Colour is integral of our lives and can be a highly personal subject. We all a unique response to colour that we develop through personal experience and association, which is why colour is almost impossible to define. What can be said with certainty is the meaning and significance it has for human being. Regardless of the intuitive or visceral response it evokes, colour is an experience that is as artistic as it is philosopic.



Therefore I am

This exhibition is a meeting point to retrace how women's life develop along the ages, until today when the ideas of freedom and the space to choose self-identity is still possible to be attained. With freedom and a space for critical thinking, the artists imagine their own projections according to their hopes and imagination, like the title of this exhibition "I ... Therefore I am".


Art Moments Jakarta will have its inaugural fair on 03-05 May 2019 at Sheraton Grand Hotel Ballroom at Sheraton Grand Jakarta Gandaria City Hotel, Gandaria City Mall Jakarta, South Jakarta

For this art project, Arkiv Vilmansa show his new approach as a painter toward the media, medium and materialization of new possibilities in the form of painting. With the theme of childhood memories, Arkiv began using various possibilities from acrylic paint as a medium he had been using his entire career. In his process, Arkiv experimented with structure of the paint, texture, thickness, opacity, transparency, to the paint's capability to reflect and absorb light. Experiment that later brought him to the shape of imageries of the latest painting series in this solo exhibition





Putu Sutawijaya Solo Exhibition

The memories that preserves the personal experiences into these eidetic imageries (“...directly felt and sensed,” Putu conveyed) are not only in details, it were also selected through the filters of interpretation. The result is what is called as earthscape, not in the meaning of the earth landscape from a height, but the landscape as it is observed from a close proximity, an experience-near.

“Landscaping my Brain” is an exhibition of artwork by Entang Wiharso that features important earlier paintings, prints and sculpture presented alongside new work created specifically for the exhibition at Can’s Gallery.

The exhibition focuses on Wiharso’s extensive exploration of self, place and belonging and how people manage and adapt to change. 




Pramuhendra has been interested in painting religious themes, especially Christianity, since several years ago. Still maintains his charcoal and realism potrait painting technique ,The artworks in this exhibition was made through random searches of images or The search of image through monster named the virtual world is what Pramuhendra chose to delay or even ignore his own religious intention.



Erik Pauhrizi has been known as an artist working with various medium. His body of works spans from drawing, painting, embroideries, video, photography, installation. While Erika Ernawan’s works ranges from painting, performance, photography, and also installation



Take place at Can's Galley new space. This Exhibition shows artworks from 17 invited artist. From young to well known artist such as Srihadi Soedarsono, FX Harsono Ivan Sagita, Eddie Hara, Win Dwi laksono, Heri Dono, Sally Smart, Agung Mangu Putra, Eddie Prabandono, Entang Wiharso, Putu Sutawijaya, Suraji, Nyoman Masriadi, Ay Tjoe Christine, M.Irfan, Andi Dewantoro, dan Oky Rey Montha.  

With this exhibition, Can's Gallery hopes can continue to contribute for indonesia and global's artworld and continue the journey as an art institutions with new vision as well